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Isabelxo Story


Thank you for stopping by and checking out I truly appreciate your browsing/business. My vision for this business started a few years back when I ordered a special outfit for my birthday from a popular clothing site. I immediately founded what I was looking for, a cute satin-like light pink halter top romper. I just couldn't wait for it to come in even though my birthday was less than a week away. On the day prior to my birthday it finally arrived, I was so excited to try it on and feel like a million bucks! That was however not the case... I ordered the biggest size they had which was a Large especially since I was aware that I am a fuller figure. Once I had it on completely I knew that it just did not look right. The romper was waaaayyyy too small, the fabric was very thin and the quality was horrendous! I felt so disappointed and angry at the same time because I, myself usually avoid purchasing clothing online to avoid these kinds of incidents but I just didn't have time to physically go to the over crowded mall with the same old stores. My trust for the site just went down the drain and so did my confidence. My birthday was the next day and I did not have anything that I wanted to wear, in which forced me to travel to a different mall to try to find a fast alternative.

The experience I encountered with that one romper made me want to change the way everyday buyers trust their web stores. Many popular brands and sites use the famous drop shipping method, where basically your clothing item is shipped straight from the clothing manufacture/factory in which could be from anywhere around the world (ex. China, US, Vietnam, etc...) in which not only causes longer shipping periods but poor quality control, for the most part. My goal is to change the way we shop by personally selecting the items myself and assuring that they are the best quality for the price and true-to-size fits.

Once again thank you for stopping by, happy browsing!


Alejandra Parsons
Owner of Isabelxo